Intranet names

There are some wierd and wonderfull names for intranets out there. Ones that I have worked with include; Staff Central (Parkinson’s UK), MCCCNET (Marie Curie Cancer Care) and Interchange (LloydsTSB). I’ve also seen some other great and innovatiove intranet names including Colin, Simon, WOW and The Sauce (The name of the New Zealand Post’s intranet –  a play on being the ‘source’ of all knowledge and because it will cover everything.)

A positive move to get staff’s interest in their intranet is to set up a naming competition. This helps to drum up interest and get the creative juices flowing. We’re currently doing this at LBi Sweden. Our current intranet (the Zone) is largely unloved so we are looking to update it with a new name and new structure on SP 2010. Hopefully it won’t result in us naming it Zone 2.0. Watch this space.

Some organisations have the name of their intranet on this very helpful list from intranet matters: Something to take inspiration from.

A very good discussion about intranet names can also be found on LinkedIn:

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